Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine a rental rate for our property?

While other companies try to increase their bottom line by taking on both residential and commercial property, here at ASK Property Group we specialize in single family homes and condos.  This gives our real
estate specialist an in-depth understanding of this current market.  Our rental rate evaluation will take into account the condition and features of the home, its location, historical rental rates and local insider information to accurately formulate a rate which targets quality tenants.


How long will it take to rent my property?

This can be affected by several of the variables mentioned above such as the home's condition, the rental rate you prefer and demand in the local market.  However, our goal is to obtain a quality tenant within 42 days or less.  Thanks to our unmatched advertising, some properties can secure a tenant in a matter of days!  A good product ensures shorter vacancy periods, so we will work alongside you to position your home in the most desirable manner.


How do I know you’ll find a qualified tenant?

Once a prospective tenant contacts us about your home our experienced real estate specialist will prescreen the interested party.  If their needs are a match for the features of your home we will then conduct extensive background checks.  Potential tenants must meet a number of stringent criterion regarding employment history, rental history, creditscore, debt-to-income ratio, clear criminal records both locally and nationally, etc.    


How do I get my rent money? 

Any monies collected on the property will be applied to your (the homeowner's) account with us.  A check will then be issued and mailed to you along with a detailed summary report by the 25th of each month.


How will my property be shown?

No keys will be given out! Unlike other management companies who give out your lockbox codes or keys to any party expressing interest, our clients' homes are only shown to a pre-qualified tenant by one our knowledgable leasing agents. In this way access to your property may be closely monitored and limited to serious future residents.


How do you keep maintenance cost under control?

We have an in-house maintenance division and close relationships with preferred vendors qualified to handle any issue which may arise with the home. We do not mark up our costs for labor like other companies so you receive the same quality work at a fair price.


Will the tenants take good care of my home?

There is always a risk that a tenant will not treat your home as well as you would. In general, damage beyond normal wear & tear is the exception not the rule.


Can I leave the house partially furnished?

This is not recommended as there is little demand in the current market for furnished properties.


Do I need to take care of the lawn?

Tenants typically handle all lawn care and maintenance while occupying your home. During times of vacancy we can coordinate professional landscape services on your behalf. 


Should I cancel my utilities after I move out?

No. Make sure to leave the utilities on until the incoming tenant's first day of occupancy.  Inability to maintain a reasonable temperature in the home especially during cold weather can result in severe damage to your property (i.e. burst plumbing, burned out appliances, malfunctioning sump pump, etc). 


We are still living in the home. Should we move out...or try to rent while I still live here?

We strongly recommend the home be vacant and rent-ready prior to marketing the property. Statistics show a clean, empty, updated home allows the buyer (or renter) to envision the space as their own while offering the flexibility of last minute showings. Being vacant also allows tenants a more immediate move-in date.


Do I have to continue to have homeowners insurance or will the tenant be responsible for insurance?

Both.  If you own a home you must maintain homeowner's insurance to cover the exterior and interior structures, as well as some liability coverage.  This also applies if the property you own is a condominium.  All of our tenants are required to obtain renter's insurance so you (the homeowner) are not held liable for any damage to the tenant's person or property in the event of loss or injury.  This also protects our clients from any legal recourse by a third party seeking damages.  We strongly recommend contacting your insurance agent to discuss your options, not all homeowner's insurance policies are the same when the property is now functioning as a rental.


I would like to move out of my house within 6 weeks...when should we start the rental process?

Today. It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute to start this process.  Each day not spent marketing the home to potential tenants is money lost.  This can lead to an unnecessarily long vacancy period.


I see other agents rent out homes. How do you differ from them?

Unfortunately, there are many agents and brokers who are excellent real estate agents but possess ZERO property management experience or do not specialize in the rental of single family homes. Many companies function as property managers on a part-time basis with their main focus being sales.  We offer our clients a strong background in the management of single family homes and condominiums.  Our agents are engaged in the local rental market full-time giving us the competitive advantage.


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